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Hi you, yes, you, you wonderful person,

we are Katarina and Diana. We live in Germany and Dubai has become our 2nd home. We love the culture, the desert and lifestyle there.

Our passion is human design, a tool that lets you see what's inside you. For us, Human Design was eye-opening and enchanted us so that we trained as Human Design Coach. We have been offering human design analyses for over 5 years in Germany and now we started in Dubai. Our vision is that each and every person can live out and live their potential free from social conditioning. You can equally apply these insights in business, since there are no "one fits it all" solution. Everyone is unique with individual traits and should act in their uniqueness. Stop doing things just for the sake of doing. Pay attention to yourself and your unique potential in order to work far more efficiently and effectively.

Human Design is a shortcut to your inner treasures that helps you discover and apply your unique potentials, talents and gifts. There is no right and no wrong. Human Design is a door opener and an individual help in your world of self-discovery.

- Katarina -

Human design changes your life

When Human Design came into our lives, it changed everything, in a very positive way. Suddenly we understood who we are, what makes us unique, what gives us energy, on what basis we operate and what we are here for. At first glance, only numbers, symbols, lines and terms can be seen in the chart. This was pretty incomprehensible at first, but this chart will also completely change your life.

Dive into your chart

Based on your chart, which we create with the help of your date, time and place of birth, we will then detect and reveal your unique energetic fingerprint. This energetic fingerprint is as unique as your real fingerprint. We will help you understand your innate strengths and decipher your soul plan. There are 3 ways to do this:

Human Design Basic

You will gain unique and basic knowledge of your chart. This allows you to understand what makes you special and how you can use this knowledge. You will receive a book containing the complete analysis and an audio file from us.

♥ your type
♥ your profile
♥ Your Centers
♥ Your Life Theme
♥ your decision-making

Price: 1200 Dhs | book now

Human Design Deep Dive

In the Deep Dive we analyze everything that is included in your chart. We will discuss these findings in 1:1 coaching via zoom where we will answer your questions and show you ways to fully live up to your potential.

♥ Your Type, your Profile, your Centers, your Channels
♥ Your Life Mission
♥ Your Potentials
♥ Your Choices
♥ Your preferred Environment and Nutrition
♥ Your Talents
♥ your Shadow Themes

Price: 3200 Dhs | book now

Human Design Business

In this course we will analyze your chart and dive even deeper. You will gain knowledge of your chart and valuable input on what makes you magnetic in your business. You can use this knowledge to become even more successful and attract even more customers. We will discuss these findings in 1:1 coaching via zoom where we will answer your questions and show you ways and strategies to fully live up to your potential.

♥ Human Design Basic
♥ Your Growth Potential
♥ Your Magnetism
♥ Your Customer Attraction Factor
♥ Problems of your Soul Customers
♥ Wishes of your Soul Customers

Price: 6000 Dhs | book now
Wow, the new homepage based on my business reading has become so beautiful. I just went through all the pages with your texts and pictures and it has become so much warmer and more harmonious. Thank you very much for your work!
I had an incredibly interesting and insightful "deep dive" reading about my very own human design, authority and strategy.


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